see pictures!

Use PayPal.Me/jehane3moons. to buy these pictures. Check the one or more that You want to have!

When you want to buy, email me with a copy of photo(s) of which one or more you want.

The originals, large ones, are usually about 5,000$, the copies, half size, You decide which size you want. Prices depend of the size you want? figure about half price of originals. The smaller originals are about 3,000$. Again copies are smaller, or maybe you want one of the detail pictures.. Some large ones have detail copies, See below!

It’s about time! to share these pictures! and travel to You where ever you are!!!

Rolled up and sent with a tube. When arrived at your home, need to unroll! Some like to frame in pocket frame type. You know, when they are behind something they reflect light. So some prefer, just see drawings as they are! The Aleppo drawing is under glass, with a frame. The rest are hanging from hidden thin sticks.

If you like the idea that these pictures also help to develop the « living simply » project of 3 moonsproject! that’s another plus !….. when you add this world, to your own world! Enjoy!

pictures come from the joy of creating with spirit! space! movement, energies, colors! and who?what whispers in my ears! pencils dancing on paper!

PLUME big pencil drawing 190cm x 180cm/ 75″ x 69″ RAIN/LA PLUIE. 178cmx100cm/70″x40″

from left to right

ALEPPO on fire » 90cm x 100cm/36’x40″

TERRASSE 145cmx70cm/57″x28″//. FLYING 178cmx80cm/57″x// LABYRINTH(chemin)70cmx180cm/28″x69″

something found in the desert TROUVE AU DESERT. 158cmx134cm/63″x54″

MY THANKA 100cmx150cm/40″x57″ with symbols, energies – earth,fire,water,metal, phoenix, dragon, embrace,male,female, yang,yin, turtle holding up the whole enchilada!,

LA POINTE 80cmx170cm/32″x67″ just happened! a dance of movement, balances, colors!

You who see and finally take, will create the story and its mood

LA POINTE 80cmx170cm/32″x67″

the whole THANKA, detail of LA POINTE,? about size of Volcan, SERAPHIM,31″x40x the wings of that whichIS, FLESH, similar size, WHALE AFIRE, MERLIN LEFT, ( small round) EXPLOSION OVER KABUL,45cmx30cm, detail as a cc, ALEPPO IN FLAMES, 90cmx100cm/62″x30″, framed, under glass,

couple of details for M&MME, 145cmx70cm/57″x28″, details and/or cc of the whole is not yet taken as original, can choose half or less sizes, PERSONNAGES,76cmx105cm/ 40″x42″, HOMMAGES A LES AFGHANES 85cmx120cm/ 34″x47″

FLEUR ET ORANGE78cmx82cm/31″x33″
LANGUAGE73″x100cm/29″x40″. (one of recent drawings of this fall 2020)
about time for change! new beginnings!

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