Nassim Haramein’s explanations of little Packers of quanta Energy, look at my drawings!

nuages et ,dtl,dessin,Bruxelleswell, look at detail. Layer on layer of color pénicil squiddles.creating packets, that from more distance, see shapes.I don't want To suggest that I found something amazing, rather that  What is amazing! That I unconsciously, dopicking up from What is running around!check Nassim Haramein!!! 

why these pictures?

this tearing of people destructions, ways of living ideals,  described for me, in this drawing homage to the afghan women, hommages à les afghanes, hidden behind their veils, latticed faces, voluminous robes, bits of newspaper! how they tell, speechlessly,  took photos, videos, secretly, from their hidden bodies. So, Here I am in Brussels!    where... Lire la Suite →

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