poussée par? hmmm

huile, Bx,these past winter months, so intrigued by the talks I hear from Nassim Haramein and Umberto Molinaro. perhaps so much of the work I have been doing, are helping with little nudges, let's call muses; so many have talked before of this! what pops into drawings and paintings is colored by these thoughts of how... Lire la Suite →

MES CHEMINS physicality of pictures

Source: MES CHEMINS my pictoral heros who are some of my heros on my pictoral path? sur mes chemins? love, swift paced!physicality,  color! Permeke I love his down to earth, rough hands, coarse, with incredible color, the golden light within, behind,  thickness of heavy earth, yet wonderful sunset glows, the light behind! and Appel, again swift,... Lire la Suite →

why these pictures?

this tearing of people destructions, ways of living ideals,  described for me, in this drawing homage to the afghan women, hommages à les afghanes, hidden behind their veils, latticed faces, voluminous robes, bits of newspaper! how they tell, speechlessly,  took photos, videos, secretly, from their hidden bodies. So, Here I am in Brussels!    where... Lire la Suite →

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