how slips into these pictures!

trouvé au désert, dessin,,Bx      How I love  bodies! the curvacious forms. How they all work together!  .Often walking about on the streets,  my eyes smile! humans! the first surprise of babies! young, lithe, older,  bent, men, women!  Bums, shoulders square, long legs below a curving, moving togetherness!   Realize that these forms are everywhere! duplicated in nature! She must enjoy too!  Flowers, trees, bugs! clouds!                     These enthusiasms! discoveries! They found themselves in these  drawings and paintings!
point rouge dtl
huile,30cmx50 1 Bx

Less paint, just spins a swing, a quick color! Don’t remember any more what inspired some blue, and movement. t

(Must have been just after winter solstice!)  « The earth turns towards growing light! winter solstice! may our hearts light into our joys! »  This is a  barely oil on canvas! remembering blue sky, the flash of a movement and color.

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